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03rd Nov 2023

This mum may have just discovered the best teething hack

Anna Martin

If there’s one thing teething causes, it’s tears.

Not necessarily just for the child though, parents become overwhelmed too and can feel helpless if they can’t do more for their little one.

From teething rings, gels and over-the-counter painkillers there are so many options. However, most will require a trip to the shop to pick them up.

Thankfully one mum seems to have come across something that can ease the pain for both parents and their babies – and you might be able to try it right now.

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TikTok user Janey, who goes by the name MommyAcademy, shared the genius method – all you need is a wash cloth and a muffin tray.

Wet the cloth under the tap and once it’s thoroughly soaked; fold it in half, roll it up, pop it in the tray and into the freezer.

Janey does this with a few cloths at a time to and freezes them for 15-30 minutes.

The mum then gives the frozen cloth to her child but stresses that it should be left in the freezer for no longer than 15-30 minutes to avoid freezer burn.

teething baby

Stressed out parents took to the comment section to praise the hack and share their experiences trying it.

“My baby is going through it and this is such an amazing hack that I was looking for,” one mum wrote.

Another one who gave the hack a go penned, “this works wonders.”

While another ecstatic mum said: ‘This is perfect, we just survived tooth number four and I can see more coming.”