Mum warns parents to stop putting headbands on their babies 3 weeks ago

Mum warns parents to stop putting headbands on their babies

A mum is warning others against putting headbands on their babies. They may look adorable on your little one, but they're actually not safe for infants.

One mum explained how dangerous headbands can be for your little one in a TikTok video. She revealed that they're incredibly "unsafe without supervision".

She explained that babies can pull the headbands over their mouths when an adult isn't around and this could cause them to suffocate.

The mum said she caught her baby before this happened.

"Luckily I caught this straight away because I have a mirror but I was the only person in the car so can you imagine the panic that I went through?"

"As your little one shifts and moves about, especially when they are sleeping, the elastic can become a real danger to them. It can cause suffocation and it can cause strangulation," she said.

@katieandariam Obviously it’s your personal choice but it’s a big no from me since this happened ? #babytok #babysafety ♬ original sound - Katie and Aria | Motherhood

"If that headband had creeped down a little bit more, it could have blocked her breathing," she continued.

The mum also said the headbands can be incredibly tight.


"If you think about it as adults, when we wear headbands, they can give us a bit of a headache after some time if they are too tight. They are uncomfortable and babies can’t tell us this.

"It’s not something you are going to want to put on their head when it is growing," she added.

The mum doesn't want to dictate what other parents do but just wanted to spread awareness about the risks.


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