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01st May 2024

Watch: Grandfather reunites with his grandchildren after intense cancer treatment

Kat O'Connor

This grandfather has left us in floods of tears

Sometimes you come across a video on the Internet that will leave you in floods of tears. This video of a grandfather reuniting with his grandchildren after a stem cell transplant has gone viral and we’re not surprised.

The emotional moment was captured by the influencer Amy Demos.

She shared the heartfelt clip on Instagram and said her children didn’t see it coming.

In the video, she explained that her father underwent a stem cell transplant over a year ago.

Amy said it was an incredibly harrowing time for her family.

“It’s been over a year since my dad’s stem cell transplant. There were so many dark, scary, uncertain moments. I felt so helpless being so far away.

“I can still remember FaceTiming him from the hospital one night. Smiling on screen. But sobbing after I hung up. Because I just wasn’t sure he was going to make it.”

Amy said her father’s doctor cleared him to fly across the country for the first time since he got sick.

“We’ve been planning this surprise for the kids for such a long time. It’s been so hard keeping it a secret!”

In the emotional video, the children’s grandfather is pretending to FaceTime them from his home.

However, their mum points out that the hammock he is lying in looks familiar.

They then run out into the garden and realise their grandfather is there in person. Seeing their grandfather hug and embrace them completely moved us.

Amy wrote, “This moment feels like the most beautiful reminder of all the prayers that got us to this point. We are so, so grateful.”

Parents were completely moved by the heartwarming reunion.

One said, “Well now I can check “weeping” off my to-do list for today.”

“Oh my goodness, uncontrollable tears right now!” another added.

Watch the moving video below: