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16th Apr 2024

Is Bluey coming to an end? The latest episode has parents worried

Anna Martin


Spoiler alert, we will be talking about the latest episode of Bluey

Okay, now that’s out of the way, we need to get into the nitty gritty of things – is Bluey ending and why are parents freaking out?

It all started when the newest super-sized episode hit Disney+ on Sunday.

The Sign, which at 28 minutes was about the length of four regular episodes of the beloved show, also had fans worried that the Heeler family’s possible move to a new house could have signalled the end of the beloved series after three seasons.

The episode title refers to the For Sale sign in front of the Heeler home that caused many parents to fear that the family was on the cusp of a significant move for Bandit’s new job.

Bluey was not happy about the impending move, and neither was her mother, Chilli, despite her efforts to be supportive.

Credit: Disney+

However, the final scene of the episode makes it appear that the Heeler family is staying put – thank God – but it still had parents questioning if the end was in sight for their favourite family of pups.

Thankfully the rumours have been put to rest with show producers indicating to multiple news outlets that Bluey and the rest of her family have many more adventures coming in the future.

Bluey producer Sam Moor opened up about the speculation with BBC Radio Four.

“It is the question on everybody’s lips. No, it is not the end for Bluey,” he said, according to Parents. “I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you.”

The show’s executive producer, Daley Pearson, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the season finale was a “trial run” to see if viewers liked the longer length.

Daley even hinted that a feature film could be on the horizon.

If that wasn’t enough the Today Show reported that a show spokesperson “double-confirmed” to the Australian Broadcasting Company that they have “no plans to end the show.”

WACKADOO! That was a close one there folks!