Viewers believe Bluey is a rainbow baby- check out the theory 2 weeks ago

Viewers believe Bluey is a rainbow baby- check out the theory

Parents need to read this Bluey theory.

Bluey has to be one of the most popular shows around at the moment, even parents have admitted they enjoy watching it on the sly.

Parents believe it is one of the best shows for children because of the messages and strong themes in every episode.

The show helps teach children how to deal with bullies, family arguments, how to cope with loss, and the importance of strong family relationships.

Viewers have noticed something very special about Bluey and this theory is going to move you.

One TikTok user believes Bluey is actually a rainbow baby.

The dad posted the theory on his account and we have to say we agree with him.

TikTok user  @world.shaker said, "I want to share one of my Bluey theories, and unfortunately, it's not a happy one. This theory is that Bluey is a rainbow baby."

The dad explained: "Bluey is a show that is very deliberate, so when they put the main characters on the screen, they are there for a reason."



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He said episode 16 of season 2 reveals the family's baby loss.

He said Bingo and Bluey are reenacting a moment from their parent's past during the Mother's Day episode.

Bingo is playing Chili, who is pregnant in the reenactment. Bingo places a balloon underneath her shirt to make a baby bump.

However, when the balloon pops we see the dad Bandit comfort Chili by grabbing her hand.

The dad shared, "There's not really a great way to explain to a child what a miscarriage is."

This storyline is simple, but it helps highlight the loss parents go through before welcoming their rainbow baby.

"One thing I find to be so interesting about this scene is that Bandit's first reaction is not to comfort his children but to comfort his wife."

One TikTok user wrote, "I was a mess after that scene, and I haven't even suffered a loss."

Another said: "I haven't watched much of Bluey, but my rainbow baby [has]. I immediately burst into tears when he grabbed her hand.