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26th Apr 2024

One mum’s hilarious hack that will instantly stop a toddler tantrum


Toddler Tantrum

When a toddler is trying to communicate something, their skills are limited.

This is why, often times, they will go straight to a tantrum in order to make their needs known.

While it may seem like the last thing that will cool down a meltdown, zoomies can actually stop the tantrum in its tracks.

One mum went viral for sharing the genius hack of running around the house, which saw her toddler’s tears and tantrums finish up with both her and her little one laughing and smiling.

Zoomies are apparently extremely effective when defusing a toddler tantrum.

“POV: This is how you gentle parent when your toddler is on the verge of a meltdown…zoomies!” Alivia Cromartie captioned the video.

In the video, the mum can be seen running circles around her teary toddler, who seems to get distracted by the fact her mum has broken into laps around the house.

@jussslivWorks every time ?

♬ Love Songs – Bonus – Kaash Paige

This gentle parenting hack has been liked by over 4.8 million TikTok users, with many taking to the comments to praise the technique.

“This is helpful for when they are older because they can just think to thenself that they need to take a run to relax instead of having the meltdown,” one wrote.

“2 in 1: calms the baby down AND you get exercise,” another added.

“Gentle parenting and exercise, seems like a win win,” a third wrote.

“I Absolutely love it. Ive learned to totally distract them with love and a safe environment instead of instantly running to frustration. we got this!!” another user commented.

Not only did Alivia’s running stop the tears, but the little girl was left laughing and smiling by her mum’s zoomies.

Next time your toddler is about to go full meltdown, it’s worth a try!