Parents hail new trend that helps toddlers give up their soothers 6 days ago

Parents hail new trend that helps toddlers give up their soothers

Parents are hailing this trick and say it actually works!

A mum had taken to TikTok to share her genius trick that helped her daughter give up the soothers after a lot of trial and error.

Her daughter's reaction to the trick is brilliant and is encouraging lots of other parents to give it a go with their kids.

Instead of the usual exchange of 'soothers for sweets and treats' situation, this mum introduced a little bit of magic.

She asked her daughter to bury the soother in the garden so the soother fairies could come and take it.

The next day, the fairies left doughnuts and chocolate treats as a replacement for the soother.

@erindomin Dummy fairy came today… her reaction is the sweetest ever ?? #dummyfairy #dummyfairygift #toddlersoftiktok #mumsoftiktok #toddler #toddlergirl #motherdaughter #fyp #foryoupage #special #foryou #toddlermom ♬ original sound - Erin Domin

The TikTok user by the name of Erin posted the video and it blew up on the app shortly after.


It showed her watering the piece of garden where the child's dummy was buried while telling it to "grow, grow, grow."

It quickly garners over 1 million likes and was viewed over 7.8 million times in just one week.

She captioned it: "Dummy fairy came today… her reaction is the sweetest ever."

Erin's daughter's reaction was very cute. After she raced out of the house to check on her dummy she was amazed at the treats she found waiting for her.

She thanked the fairies and said, "that's so special".

The little girl also seemed completely unbothered about the buried soother so hopefully that means she won't be picking up another one soon.

The comments were filled with praise for the mother who came up with such a clever and creative idea.

One person wrote: "This is such a beautiful representation of your parenting. You should be a proud mama."


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Another said: "Genius. Definitely going to do this when it’s time for my little one to give up her dummy."

Some other fans took to the comments to share how their parents got them off their soothers.

One woman wrote: "My mum just threw mine out the damn window of the car."

Another Aussie said: "One of my core memories is mum making me stand on a stool to chuck mine in the wheelie bin."

Along with the ten laughing emojis, one woman commented: "My dad just got fed up and just threw them all out, cold turkey style."