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09th May 2024

‘I gave birth in a McDonald’s car park and named our son after the restaurant’


Name, McDonald's

Well, it’s certainly a sweet name…

A woman who gave birth in a McDonald’s car park has announced that she is naming her son in honour of the restaurant.

Analysia Beck gave birth to her baby boy in the fast food outlet’s car park after being stuck in a snow storm.

However, following the event, the 25-year-old and her husband Daniel have revealed that they plan to use the unusual circumstances as inspiration

The mum, who is from Wisconsin, explained that she began having contractions at around 11pm on January 11, and ended up “hunched over on the ground screaming” after just a few hours.

The pair then called a child minder to look after their two other kids, and then rushed to the hospital during the fierce snowstorm that was raging on.

However, after a short while in the car, Analysia asked her husband to pull over as she felt a massive urge to push.

“The baby was coming so so fast and my body couldn’t wait any longer to push,” she explained to USA Today.

She got into the backseat of the vehicle and after three pushes welcomed their new baby boy, with paramedics having only just arrived at the scene.

“Micah Daniel made his very dramatic entrance into the world at 4:12am on January 12th,” she wrote on Facebook.

“While on our way to the hospital, he decided he wanted to make a quick stop at McDonald’s. He didn’t want to be born in the hospital!

“Micah was born in our trunk in the parking lot of McDonald’s during a blizzard and appropriately earned the nickname ‘McFlurry’.”

The mum revealed that they plan to give little Micah the rather appropriate nickname of ‘Mickey D’s’.