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17th May 2024

AI tool claims to translate what your baby’s cries mean

Sophie Collins


A groundbreaking innovation is making waves with claims it can “translate” your baby’s cries

Cappella’s new phone app promises to inform parents of whether their infant is hungry, uncomfortable, tired, or in need of a nappy change. 

It uses advanced AI technology and machine learning to accurately interpret a baby’s needs with about 95% accuracy.

How It Works

Cappella’s app uses sophisticated algorithms to analyse an infant’s unique cries, far surpassing the roughly “30% accuracy of human” guesses. 

Despite these impressive claims, the company acknowledges the importance of parental intuition and doesn’t want to replace that.

The app includes an “I disagree” button, allowing parents to provide feedback if they feel the app’s interpretation is incorrect.

Cost and Features

Priced at around €10 per month, the app offers more than just cry translation. 

It also functions as a comprehensive parenting tool, tracking sleep patterns, feeding times, and nappy changes.

Cappella is continually enhancing its capabilities, currently working on incorporating temperature analysis to determine if a baby is crying due to being too hot or cold.

Comparison to Competitors

This innovative solution stands out in a field that has seen other attempts, such as 2023’s CES award-winning Qbear+. 

Unlike Qbear+, which required the purchase of a new device, Cappella’s app can be used directly on a smartphone, offering a more convenient and cost-effective option for new parents.

Future Developments

Beyond its current features, Cappella is developing AI-generated sounds aimed at soothing babies, reducing the need for constant parental intervention. 

As stated on their website: “With our groundbreaking AI-powered baby cry translator, we accurately understand your baby’s needs and use AI-generated sounds to soothe your little one without requiring your constant attention.”


Parents eager to try out this innovative technology can download Cappella from the Apple App Store. 

Android users can join a waitlist on the Google Play Store as the app is prepared for broader release.

Cappella’s debut at CES 2024 marks a significant advancement in parenting technology, promising to make understanding and soothing babies easier than ever before.