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Children's health

02nd Feb 2023

This is why your child gets sick more when they’re in creche

We’d be lost without our children’s creche but we always dread that call saying our little one is under the weather.

It’s that time of year when the kids come home with every bug under the sun. We’re bracing ourselves for that traditional phone call from creche to tell us our little one has a fever, runny nose, sore throat, etc, etc.

We’d be lost without our childcare workers (they’re our literal heroes), but that dreaded phone call always makes us shudder.

Our kids frequently get sick every autumn/winter, but why does it always happen?

Doctors have finally explained why kids in creche tend to pick up more bugs than others.

Speaking to Choc, Dr. Priya Mody explained that children under 7 are more prone to getting sick because their immune systems are still developing.

The pediatrician said: “Kids, especially young kids, are susceptible to illness due to their developing immune systems. Once they begin attending daycare or preschool, they will be exposed to many common childhood illnesses.

“Younger infants who have older siblings that are in school will also tend to get sick more frequently since their siblings are bringing home germs.”

She explained that children will get back-to-back health issues because they’re being exposed to so many different germs.

“It’s very common for your child to become ill with several viral illnesses shortly after beginning daycare or preschool, as they are being exposed to many different germs at once.”

Your child may be more suspectable to pick up other viruses when their body is fighting another.

But don’t worry, it is extremely normal for this to happen. Honestly, ask any mum in your friendship circle and she’ll say the same.

It’s tough when your child is sick, but it helps to know you’re not the only one dealing with the onslaught of bugs, colds, and everything in between.