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09th May 2024

Warning issued to parents over disturbing Cocomelon video


“Please be careful”

A mum has urged parents to be careful when their children are watching Cocomelon on YouTube.

She revealed she was watching the popular show with her daughter, but it wasn’t a regular episode of the show.

Someone had created a fake Cocomelon account on YouTube that looks like the real thing. However, throughout the episode creepy character ‘huggy wuggy’ appears on the screen.

“Please be careful with what your children are watching. My daughter who is two came across this, good job I watch YT with her!”

She added: “Just want to add, my daughter gets 1 hour a day of iPad time, and it’s monitored by me. She normally watches films on Netflix or Disney plus.”

Parents couldn’t believe someone would edit the video to scare young children.

One said, “I jumped a mile! it’s awful that people feel the need to do this! hope your little one is okay!”

Another stressed that she should make sure her daughter only uses YouTube for Kids.

Another added, “We use YouTube kids app. You can control what videos are filtered for them to watch.”

Some people found the video hilarious and said it wasn’t scary at all.

“My sister made me watch ring when I was 8. This isn’t that bad,” one said.

Another quipped, “I’d probably get my child to watch it anyway to see his reaction.”

The video has since been removed from YouTube, but there are many similar ones on there. This is why children’s screen time should be monitored at all times.