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24th Apr 2024

Brian Dowling and Arthur move into new house ahead of baby’s birth

Kat O'Connor

Brian Dowling and Arthur are expecting their second child

Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian are set to welcome their second child into the world in the coming weeks.

The dads confirmed they were expecting baby #2 earlier this year and have marked another milestone before their baby’s arrival.

Brian and Arthur have moved into a new home just before their little bundle of joy is born.

Speaking about the milestone moment, they said it’s something they’ve been planning for quite a while.

Brian said the move was difficult for him because he isn’t used to change. The dad praised Arthur for handling the move and for getting them through their first week.

He explained that he hoped to bring their second child back to their family home in Kildare, but he has accepted that they’ll start new traditions.

“I think I had this fantasy of bringing baby number two back home to the same nursery, the same house, as Blake, and that’s not going to happen so I just need to get over myself and still realise how lucky we are and yes, it is exciting, it is,” Brian said.

Arthur helped them move into their new home with ease

Brian said moving into their new home has been “full on” but Arthur managed it perfectly.

“Arthur freely admits he is the King of moving & has notched up an incredible 36 moves in his life so far. I think I’m coming in at 9!!!

“We are all starting to feel comfortable with our new surroundings & our daily routine,” Brian added.

The dad said their daughter Blake has already settled into their new home and it feels like she’s “always lived here”.

The soon-to-be dad-of-two gushed, “Bring on all the happy memories we will cherish here, especially with the arrival of Baby Dowling Gourounlian number 2 in a few weeks. No rest for us as we are still on the hunt for our forever home.”

Brian and Arthur previously lived in a house in Kildare with their little girl Blake.