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25th Apr 2024

Lily Allen flies in first class but puts her daughter in economy


“I’m going in first class, she’s going in economy.”

Lily Allen has revealed that she is planning to put her daughter Ethel in economy class when flying from New York to London, but will fly herself in first class.

She admitted this situation during an appearance on her friend Miquita Oliver’s podcast, called Miss Me?.

The pair were discussing Oliver’s upcoming 40th birthday, and how Allen is flying back to the UK for the event.

“We are flying to London today to come and see you for your birthday. I’m going in first class, she’s going in economy,” the ‘Smile’ singer explained, via The Mirror.

Oliver responded, calling Allen’s decision ‘the circle of life’.

“That baby is now coming to London because you live in New York for my 40th birthday, which we are having at the end of the road we grew up on.”

“There’s a trend at the moment on social media of people defiantly saying that they won’t give up their seats for children on aeroplanes,” Allen responded.

Oliver said: “Fair enough. Why would you give your seat to a kid if you payed for it? It’s not like a train.”

“Quite often when you’re a big group the airline will separate the seats,” Allen continued.

“You’ll get to the airport and they’ll tell you your child is sat [away from you] and so when you get on the plane you have to ask people if they don’t mind moving so you can sit next to your children.

“Obviously it’s inconvenient for everybody involved but I find it fascinating that it’s now become something that gives you clout on social media when you’re like, ‘A mum came up to me and asked me to move and I told them to f**k off.’ Is this what we’ve become? Well done, you’ve made a family sit apart from each other.”

However, the 38-year-old did admit that this wasn’t the case with her upcoming flight.

“Says me who’s putting myself in first class while my child is alone in the back of the plane. I don’t want to sit with my kid,” she joked.

Allen has two children with her ex-husband Sam Cooper. Ethel Mary was born in 2011, and Marnie Rose was born in 2013.

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