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14th Mar 2024

Father sparks debate with tooth fairy parenting hack

Anna Martin

tooth fairy

One dad has set the internet alight with his tooth fairy parenting hack

It all started over on Reddit (where else could something like this happen?) when a post was made to the Made Me Smile thread.

One father detailed how he got his daughter to clean her room by writing a note from the tooth fairy.

The light-hearted note, sent from the headquarters in “Fairyland,” started off with an apology for the delay in retrieving the little girl’s teeth.

It seems sweet until you keep reading and see the man had written that there had already been two failed attempts at retrieval because the fairies encountered “tragedy” due to the girl’s messiness.

The letter read: “As you are getting older and older, you have fewer and fewer baby teeth to lose, so I am sure each one is important to you.

parenting hack
Credit: Reddit

“Now, with that said, I must be frank. The state of your room prevented us from performing a midnight retrieval. The first attempt almost resulted in tragedy as one of our agent’s shoes got stuck to something icky on the floor.”

It continued: “While attempting to free herself, a pile of socks tipped over and nearly suffocated her. All the commotion alerted a large yellow dog and our agent had to abort the mission.

“Attempt number two went even worse than that, with our agent tripping upon entry and spraining her left dorsal wing. Luckily the large yellow dog was snoring and did not hear the fall.”

The dad went on to write that the fairies did manage to collect the teeth after a struggle and many of them were left unhappy after the whole situation.

The note concluded: “We do hope this exchange can be performed in the usual manner the next time you have teeth to get rid of. 

“We also know that you have a choice when it comes to tooth disposal and we appreciate the opportunity to meet this need.”

As you can imagine, the reaction from his fellow Reddit users was very mixed.

parenting hack
Credit: Getty

One person joked: “Who knew the tooth fairy had that good of a PR,” while another fan added, “what a clever way to encourage your daughter to keep her room clean. Make sure you thank the tooth fairies for their cooperation”

Others were very critical of the father’s actions as someone penned: “Interesting way to try to manipulate and lie to your children to get them to do what you want.”

A second added: “I’m of the radical opinion that not everything needs to be a transaction or a life lesson. Let your daughter have something special without adding shame and guilt to the mix.”

What do you think?