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24th Apr 2024

Child injured in Parnell Square attack has reached ‘great milestones’

Kat O'Connor

The Parnell Square victim is doing incredibly well

The family of the Parnell Square victim has spoken out about their little girl. Their young daughter has been in hospital since the November 2023 stabbing, but is making great progress.

Her family confirmed that she has reached ‘great milestones’ in recent weeks and they’re incredibly proud of her.

Describing the young girl as a “little warrior” they confirmed that she has started on feeds.

“Hi there, great milestones for our little big warrior – she has started on feeds now (not orally yet) and moving her arms a good bit,” they wrote.

The family said she has even started in the hospital school.

“She is enjoying her Irish lessons with the Hospital School. And loves watching Paddington 1 and 2 for laughs. Huge achievements,” they wrote.

Earlier this month, her parents said their daughter has been through so much but she is doing well.

They confirmed that she hasn’t stopped smiling this month and is being curious too.

“These past weeks have shown us even more so how resilient she is, but also put our own strength into check as we have to match her determination.

“We have only begun the rehabilitation phase, and the questions regarding her future and ours are present. Despite all the mights and maybes, we have to believe in her, mainly because she does,” they wrote on GoFundMe.

The young girl was injured in the harrowing stabbing in November 2023.

Two other children were also stabbed during the attack, but they were released from hospital after a short time.

The young girl has remained in the hospital since November 23rd, 2023.

We’re keeping her and her loved ones in our thoughts during this distressing time.