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24th Apr 2024

Mum heartbroken after her husband misses their child’s birth for selfish reason

Kat O'Connor

He was not present at the birth of their baby

A mum has opened up about the heartache she faced after her husband missed the birth of their baby.

She explained in a Facebook group that her husband was out drinking when she went into labour.

The devastated mum said he was out with his mates and ignored her phone calls.

She wrote: “With our first one, he never went to a single appointment and missed the birth as he decided to go out drinking the night before I got induced

“I told him I would have to go into the hospital at 5 a.m. the next day to get induced and he said he’d only have one or two and come back but never came back that night, ignored all phone calls and even his mates he was drinking with were trying to get him in the car to go but he got blackout drunk and I didn’t see him ’till the next day.

The mum, who is pregnant again, said she is incredibly worried that he will miss this birth too.

“I was upset about that for a while, but I got over it. Now I feel like he’s not going to be there yet again, and I’ll be doing it on my own again.”

She now believes her husband is purposely missing the birth because he doesn’t want to be in the hospital with her.

Many parents told her she deserved to be with someone who would value these milestones.

Others encouraged her to break up with him because of how selfish he is.