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03rd May 2024

This charming French baby name is perfect for your little girl

Kat O'Connor

This French name is just too cute for words

Choosing a name for your daughter is an important decision. You have to remember that this is the name they’ll have for life and you need to ensure it’s a fitting option for every chapter of their lives and not just when they’re a tiny baby.

There are some names that suit chubby newborns but will sound pretty ridiculous when your daughter is 40 years old.

This decision is one that should never be made lightly, but we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to baby names.

There are some names we have loved for years like Charlotte, Emily, and Annie.

But there are more modern options that have zoomed to the top of our baby name lists including Novie, Juniper, and Harper.

Irish names will always hold a special place in our hearts, but recently we’ve been loving French baby names.

They’re so unbelievably cool and chic, but there is one French name that we’ve recently added to our list of favourites.

If you love traditional names with a modern twist then this is the one for you.

The name Elise, inspired by the name Elizabeth, has become increasingly popular with girl mums and we’re not one bit surprised.

Elise is a French variation of the name Elizabeth but it’s far more chic than the traditional English moniker.

It is a charming and stylish option for your daughter and it isn’t overly popular either.

The meaning behind the French moniker is ‘pledged to God’.

What do you think of the name Elise?



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