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02nd May 2024

Pregnant Lisa McHugh shares health update after pleurisy and Covid battle

Kat O'Connor

Lisa McHugh is expecting her second child

Singer Lisa McHugh has shared an update with her fans after a string of health issues forced her to cancel gigs.

The songstress is currently pregnant with her second child but has been suffering from a chest infection, pleurisy, COVID-19, as well as long Covid.

She explained that she has been feeling unwell for some time, but often pushes through, something we’re all guilty of.

She told her followers, “I had the antibiotics for a chest infection and then obviously being away in America. The long-haul flights and things really didn’t help matters at all.

“I’m very guilty of just pushing through. Nashville had been booked for a while, and I wanted to get as much work done as I possibly could before baby number two comes,” the singer said.

Lisa said she felt completely exhausted following the last few weeks, but her doctor has given her inhalers and steroids.

She said she was struggling to do things like take a shower, walk upstairs, and even change her son Milo’s nappy.

“I literally sound like I just ran five miles and I had to lie down.

“I was completely exhausted, fatigued, and in a lot of pain, and the doctors basically said, ‘Listen, you just need to lie and rest as much as you possibly can, because this could take a while’, which is obviously not what you want to hear-but especially when you’re very impatient like I am.”

Thankfully, Lisa confirmed her baby is still doing well despite her being so unwell.

“The baby is great, kicking away and getting bigger. That’s been the main concern over the last six weeks. The baby has been completely zapping any of my energy and taking all the goodness from me,” the soon-to-be mum-of-two said.