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15th May 2024

These parenting apps are essential for keeping your children safe online

Sophie Collins


In today’s digital landscape, where children are increasingly immersed in technology, parents face the daunting task of trying to keep them safe online.

Ethan Bennet, an expert from Sonin, is showcasing the indispensable role of mobile apps in keeping little ones safe online.

He offers insights into some of these essential tools that are designed to navigate the complexities of modern parenting.

Monitoring screen time and content filtering

For parents, managing their children’s screen time and exposure to inappropriate content ranks among the highest concerns. 

Ethan emphasises the use of apps such as Screen Time for iOS and Digital Wellbeing for Android.

These apps empower parents to set time limits, block specific applications, and filter content based on age-appropriate settings. 

By using these tools, parents can strike a balance between technology usage and other crucial aspects of their children’s lives.

Location tracking and geofencing

Knowing your child’s whereabouts is paramount for parental peace of mind. 

Ethan says the functionality of apps like Life360 and Find My Kids facilitate real-time tracking of a child’s location, establishment of geofenced areas, and receipt of alerts upon their entry or exit from designated locations. 

These features are invaluable, particularly for ensuring a child’s safety during commutes or social outings.

Online activity management

In an era marked by pervasive online interactions, apps like Bark and Qustodio play a pivotal role in monitoring a child’s browsing history, social media engagements, and identifying potential risks such as cyberbullying. 

Ethan says the significance of these tools in enabling parents to establish boundaries and receive alerts in the event of any concerning online activity, thereby fostering a safer digital environment for their children.

Proactive parental supervision and communication

While technology serves as a potent ally in safeguarding children, Ethan emphasised the importance of maintaining proactive parental involvement. 

Regular communication with children about online safety, setting clear expectations, and nurturing an environment of trust and open dialogue are indispensable. 

By combining the capabilities of parenting apps with active engagement, parents can effectively mitigate risks and promote responsible digital citizenship among their children.

So, as children’s lives become increasingly intertwined with technology, the role of parents in ensuring their safety and well-being in the digital realm cannot be overstated. 

By harnessing the power of mobile apps and adopting a proactive approach to parenting, caregivers can navigate the challenges of raising children in the modern world with confidence and vigilance.