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30th Apr 2024

Removing child bride costumes is a step in the right direction

Kat O'Connor

A supermarket in Australia stopped selling child bride costumes for good reason

There are many costumes we would never let our children wear that may have been popular once upon a time.

We’ve come a long way when it comes to fancy dress, but one mum appears to be stuck in the past.

She had quite a concerning reaction when a supermarket in Australia stopped selling child bride costumes. Most parents would be relieved to see such a dated and offensive costume taken off the shelves, but this mum was pretty upset about it.

One mum shared the good news in the Facebook group and said it was a relief to see.

“Congratulations mums. We did it. Kmart are no longer selling Child Bride costumes. Please join me in giving ourselves a round of applause,” the mum wrote.

The mum said their next ‘targets’ are “Fairy Princess costume, Dream Princess costume, and Disney Frozen Elsa costume”.

One mum was furious by the decision because it takes away from children’s imaginations.

We agree that taking away princess and fairy costumes may be unfair, but taking a child bride costume off the shelves is a major step in the right direction.

Not only is the costume idea creepy, but it’s also extremely offensive and uncomfortable.

It certainly isn’t something we should be encouraging our daughters to wear, right?

One mum was furious over the decision to remove the child bride costume from the supermarket.

She expressed her outrage on Facebook: “It’s a part of growing up, using our imaginations and learning how to prepare and think about what we see and want for our futures. It’s learning and growth and I think a perfectly normal, fun, and beautiful part of being a child!”

Many mums agreed that removing the costume was a wise move especially because they ‘promote’ and ‘normalise’ child brides.

There are hundreds of costume ideas for our children but we can firmly leave child bride off that list.

Do you agree?