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20th May 2024

Rosanna Davison opens up about struggling with postpartum body image

Niamh Ryan

Former Miss World, Rosanna Davison posted online about her own body image after giving birth to twins.

Davison and her husband Wes Qurike spent their 10 year wedding anniversary in Mallorca with their three children Sophia, Hugo, and Oscar.

Twins Hugo and Oscar were born in 2020, after Davison had her daughter via surrogate in 2019.

Rosanna and her son Oscar. Source: @rosanna_davison

The model posted a picture of her in a bikini at the beach, writing a personal caption about her body:

“I didn’t love my stomach for a long time after having twins and only bought high-waisted bikinis to cover it.”

She continued, saying that her husband will often take pictures of her to ease her mind about how she looks.

Reality of family holidays

The family of five have been soaking up the sun in Spain and enjoying the relaxation. However, Davison admitted to the realities of bringing kids abroad.

“Hugo decided that he absolutely hated the sand and sea, and just wanted to have a nap on me instead!”

The caption led to many parents sharing their own hilarious experiences with summer holidays. One commenter joked about the “kid shaped tan lines” she’ll be left with by the end of the trip.