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16th May 2024

Louise Thompson admits she wasn’t a good parent when son was a baby

Kat O'Connor

Louise Thompson said she was “not a good parent”

Former Made In Chelsea star, Louise Thompson has been opening up about her relationship with Ryan Libbey.

The couple has been through so much in recent years with Louise’s health battles changing their lives.

The mum recently spoke out about the impact that had on her and on their relationship.

She explained that Ryan considered leaving her at one stage because so much had changed between them, but he knew he’d never go through with it.

The former reality star told MailOnline: “I really was not a good parent for a very long time. For most of his first few months I couldn’t have told you what he was doing or even who was looking after him.”

Louise explained that the trauma she faced during her son Leo’s birth changed her relationship with her baby boy.

“When I did see him, I would hold him at arm’s length,” she revealed.

The mum has asked Ryan if he ever thought about leaving her and he confessed that he did.

She told the publication: “I’ve asked him if he thought about leaving me and he said yes. Ouch. That stung. But he also knew he never would go through with it.”

Ryan said he found it hard to get used to their new life, but he knew he would never actually leave.

“I was struggling and thought a lot about a different life. But in the same way I never really believed you would take your own life, I never believed I would walk away.”

Louise’s followers have been praising her for being so incredibly honest about all that she faced during her son’s birth and in the months after.

The mum underwent an emergency c-section and lost three litres of blood during the surgery.

She said she was “dancing with death” during the birth of her baby boy.

Louise has been diagnosed with lupus and ulcerative colitis. She also suffered from PTSD following the ordeal she faced during childbirth.

Earlier this year, the mum bravely revealed that she had a stoma bag.