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12th Apr 2024

This beautiful Irish boy’s name has stood the test of time

Jody Coffey


There’s no denying that it’s a lovely name

Names derived from Irish folklore are always going to be favourites with expectant parents.

Giving a newborn a name that gives a nod to their heritage is a beautiful way to honour their birthplace and homeland.

It is no surprise that as naming trends come and go, Irish names have remained steadfast in their popularity here on the Emerald Isle.

In recently published data from the Irish Central Statistics Office, it was found that one Irish boy’s name has not only stood the test of time but has risen into the Top 5 list of boy’s names in 2023.

Of the five names that topped the list last year, the moniker Oisín secured its spot in fifth place.

This beautiful name was beaten out by only one other Irish name, Rían, which means ‘little king’.

It was also surpassed by the names Jack, Noah, and James.

The name Oisín is derived from the Irish word ‘os’, meaning ‘deer,’ and ‘ín’, a diminutive suffix, to mean “fawn” or “little deer”.

While this name has proven to be a popular choice in Ireland, it is still relatively unknown in the US.

For those unfamiliar with the name, its pronunciation is ‘Ush-een‘.

Oisín has been registered since 2018 with a fada, however, Oisin without a fada has been on the list of baby names since 1964 and reached a high of eighth in 2016.

According to Nameberry, the original Oisin (without a fada) was the mythological son of Finn McCool and Sadb, the goddess who was changed into a deer, further connecting the name to Irish wildlife and animals.

Irish monikers for girls also enjoyed popularity last year, with the name Croía, which means ‘little heart’, climbing the ranks in Ireland.