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11th Apr 2024

This beautiful Irish girl name deserves more appreciation

Kat O'Connor

A charming name that’s perfect for your baby girl

If you’re expecting a baby girl sometime soon, then you’ll know there are nearly too many girls names to choose from.

There is a never-ending list of names we love when it comes to baby girls.

The list on my phone is constantly being updated with traditional names, three-letter names, Irish monikers, and unique names too.

However, recently I’ve been finding myself leaning towards more Irish names.

Our little island may be small but the number of stunning monikers that originate from the Emerald Isle is pretty special.

As popular as the names Fiadh, Saoírse, and Cara are, there’s one Irish name that deserves a little bit more appreciation.

The name Aoibhe has become one of my personal favourites especially because of the sweet meaning behind it.

Aoibhe is of Irish origin and the name means ‘life and beauty’.

It really is the most perfect name for your little girl, especially if you’re a fan of Irish names.

Another Irish girl’s name rising in popularity is Fiadh. Earlier this week, it was revealed that the name could become the top name for baby girls in Ireland this year.

What is your favourite Irish name?



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