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Baby names

25th Apr 2024

The adorable three-letter name that’s perfect for a baby girl

Kat O'Connor

A three-letter name is one of our favourite baby name trends

Trying to find a name that suits your baby boy or girl can be pretty tricky when there are so many names out there.

We really are spoiled for choice, especially when it comes to beautiful names for your daughter.

There are dozens of traditional names that have been popular for generations.

There are modern names that are becoming more and more popular with new parents.

And then there are shorter names that are finally growing in popularity after being snubbed for years.

In the past, some parents felt like short names, like ones that would’ve been more fitting for a nickname, weren’t good enough.

However, they’re now becoming more and more popular and we’re delighted to see it happen.

There are so many three-letter names on our baby name lists that we adore but there’s one that we love even more.

The name Pia is a standout for us because it is just such a sweet moniker. Pia is of Latin origin and has a strong meaning behind it.

This adorable moniker means ‘pious’ and ‘reverent’.

The sweet name is perfect for a baby girl and is one of our favourite girl names.

If you’re expecting a baby girl sometime soon then you may consider adding Pia to your baby name list.



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