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Baby names

18th Apr 2024

The short but sweet Irish name that deserves more attention

Kat O'Connor

This name never gets enough praise

Choosing a name for your little one is no easy task. There are far too many options and as someone who hates making decisions, I often feel overwhelmed when trying to pick just one. What if I pick a name and end up disliking it in a few months time? What if my child ends up hating their moniker in the future?

It’s a decision that comes with a lot of weight and pressure, but one of the most exciting ones you’ll ever make in your life.

We all have our favourite names, but there is one name that deserves a little more credit.

It’s pretty popular here in Ireland, but the meaning behind it should make it a worldwide favourite.

Irish names are always a huge hit with new parents, but names like Fiadh and Aoibhe have been beating other traditional monikers to the top.

The name Cara is one of my personal favourites and I think it deserves a little more credit, and that’s mainly down to the meaning.

The moniker is of Irish origin and means ‘friend’ – how sweet!

The moniker also means ‘darling, beloved dear, and loved one’ making it the perfect name for your daughter.

If you’re expecting a baby girl in the coming weeks or months then maybe it’s worth considering for your little daughter?