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19th Apr 2024

10 baby boy names forgotten in time – but we think they deserve a second chance

Anna Martin

baby boy names

Love the idea of a name not everyone else has for your baby?

With everyone getting super creative with the monikers they choose for their latest additions, it can be challenging.

Yet there is an option, looking back in time.

Names, like trends in general, have a tendency to come back in fashion again if you leave it long enough, and these baby boy monikers, while not in the most popular lists right now, are bound for a comeback soon, we think.

Tell us – would you consider any of the following:


This is an old English and French name that means “green valley” or “from Anvers”.


The title is an English, French, and Scottish surname but can be used as a first name.

It appears that the oldest usage is from the Old French hardi meaning “bold, courageous” which itself comes from Old Frankish hardjan meaning “to make hard”.


A variation of the Hebrew name Oren, which means “pine tree.”


It means, “brave counsel”.

It’s derived from the Old High German word kuoni, which translates to “brave,” and rāt, meaning “counsel.”

baby boy names
Credit: Canva


An Old English title that means “prosperity” and “wealth.”


The Old High German form of the name evolved from Germanic Hrothi, “fame, glory, renown, honour, godlike.”

You could call him Ru for short!


An old English name that actually means “old town” – we reckon this one is a cool choice.


This Scottish name is a take on the name William and something that you really don’t hear every day.


Elegant and unusual, we are obsessed with this name.

Meaning, “Flower; Flourishing, blossoming” the title has Slavic, German, and Latin roots that has been a popular choice in various European countries


Alvin comes from the Old English Ælfwine which means “friend of the elves.”