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29th Apr 2024

This charming baby name deserves more appreciation

Kat O'Connor

This name doesn’t get enough credit

If you’re looking for a beautiful name for your daughter then we’ve found a darling choice.

There are so many baby names out there, but this has swiftly become one of our favourites in recent years.

Shorter names are becoming increasingly popular, but there are some traditional names that have stood the test of time.

Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Abigail are still featured in baby name lists, but there’s one moniker that deserves a little bit more credit.

The name Juliette has joined the list of baby girl names we love because it’s so elegant.

The moniker is usually spelled ‘Juliet’ but we prefer the longer version.

There’s something so elegant and charming about the moniker Juliette.

The name Juliette is of Latin origin and means ‘youthful’.

In 2022, the name was the #394 most popular in the world. The moniker is adored, but not as popular or common as options like Grace, Mia, and Fiadh.

If you adore the name Juliet then why not consider the Irish translation for your little one?

Juliette in Irish is Síle which is a pretty beautiful option for your baby girl.

What do you think of the name Juliette?