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08th May 2024

Hilary Duff welcomes her fourth child and reveals her unique name

Kat O'Connor

Hilary Duff has given birth to baby #4

Former Disney star Hilary Duff has announced the arrival of her fourth child.

The mum confirmed she welcomed a baby girl and even shared her unique name.

She decided to call her daughter Townes Meadow Bair.

Duff is following a hugely popular baby name trend by giving her little girl a name that is usually given to boys.

The name Townes means ‘one who lived in a village’.”

Alongside photos from the day her daughter was born, Duff wrote: “Townes Meadow Bair, now we know why she made us wait so long…She was perfecting those Cheeks!”

The mum said she has been dreaming of holding her baby girl for so long and couldn’t be happier now that she is here.

“I have been dreaming of holding you in my arms for months and the past 5 days of getting to know you, stare at you and smell you has been pure moments of magic.

“We all love you like you’ve been here all along beauty.”

Duff confirmed she gave birth to her little girl on the 3rd of May.

She is also a mum to two daughters, Banks and Mae, and also has a son named Luca.

The celebrity mum never fails to choose unique but stunning names for her kids.