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Baby names

10th May 2024

12 baby names that are perfect when paired together

Niamh Ryan

These names are beyond adorable

There’s no denying that picking out names for your children is a difficult decision. With so many things to take into consideration, finding a suitable yet unique baby name can be tricky for parents. Plus, if you plan to have more than one child, the task just multiplies.

So, whether you’re expecting twins or are simply planning ahead for your future family, here are some matching baby names for siblings.

Sadhbh & Saoirse 

Irish names are always a popular choice and are beautiful when paired together. Sadhbh comes from Irish mythology, in which she was the goddess of sovereignty. Saoirse, meaning freedom in Irish, originated in the 1920s.

Finn & Sloane 

If you want to keep with the Irish theme but are looking for less obvious names, these are perfect. Both have origins in Irish folklore and mean ‘warrior.’ Finn is generally a masculine name while Sloane can be gender-neutral.

Clara & Thomas 

Not only are these classic names that will suit any age, but they match with both names originating in the 1920s. Vintage names have become extremely popular in recent years, and these two are truly timeless. 

Donnacha & Tadgh

If a difficult spelling isn’t too daunting for you, these Irish boy names go great together. Donnacha has connotations with the words ‘noble’ and ‘warrior’, and Tadgh means ‘storyteller.’

Did you know that Tadgh was one of the most popular monikers for boys in Ireland pre-colonisation?

James & Sage 

You truly can’t go wrong with a classic like James, and Sage is an unusual nature name that can add balance to the two. The names are also unisex and very unique when used. Actress Blake Lively popularised James for a girl when she named her daughter in 2014.

Lottie & Luna 

Is there anything better than some good alliteration? While this pairing may be on the quirkier side, these names have a lot of personality and would be perfect for twin girls. Luna, meaning moon in Latin, has risen in popularity over the years and Lottie is a fun twist on the English classic Charlotte.