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Baby names

28th Mar 2024

This emerging baby name trend is causing a divide but we love it

Jody Coffey


For many of us, our names have, over time, taken new forms with the help of family and friends

Nicknames are endearing as they’re often coined by those who love you the most.

The previous generation of names, once popular but now less so, are experiencing a resurgence through their nickname versions.

While some nicknames are simply shortened versions of a given moniker, a recent naming trend has seen parents officially putting a nickname on their child’s birth certificate.

For instance, the name Charlie, derived from Charles, has surged in popularity for both boys and girls.

Mia, originating from the lovely moniker Amelia, is also growing in favour among expectant parents.

Archibald, which may have been a popular choice decades ago, has seen renewed interest in its nickname form, Archie.

Similarly, names like Leonardo and Elizabeth, which have been around since the 12th century, have undergone a modern-day rebrand as Leo and Elsie.

Alfred, an ancient moniker dating back to the ninth century, is also experiencing a resurgence through shortened versions such as Alfie and Freddy.

Meanwhile, names like Theodore and Harry, originating from the sixth and eighth centuries respectively, remain common choices for parents today, often shortened to Theo and Harry.

Rory and Eli, though names in their own right, find inspiration from longer versions like Aurora and Elijah.

While the name Florence still maintains popularity, nicknames such as Flo and Flora are climbing the ranks of popular baby girl names as their official names.

Similarly, Bella has become a preferred choice over longer names like Annabella, Mirabella, and Isabella