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13th May 2024

Louise Thompson praised for discussing her traumatic birth

Kat O'Connor

Louise Thompson has bravely opened up about her son’s harrowing birth

Trigger Warning: Some readers may find this article distressing

Former Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson has opened up about the traumatic experience she went through when she gave birth to her son Leo.

The mum detailed the ordeal in her new book Lucky and admitted that childbirth “destroyed everything that was good in my life”.

In an excerpt from her memoir, the mum said she needed an emergency c-section after her medical team discovered her son’s head was stuck in an awkward position in her pelvis.

They then decided Louise would need an emergency section.

She wrote, “I am lying on a surgical bed and there is panic all around. I can see immense amounts of my blood splattering all over the curtain where they are cutting me open and then splashing on to the floor below.”

Louise said she knew she was losing blood and kept asking her partner Ryan if she was still alive.

During the birth, Louise lost three litres of blood and had a haemorrhage.

She continued, “I know I am losing blood and they can’t stop the bleeding. I know this because I can feel it. They are right up against my lungs trying to stem the haemorrhage.

“Ryan’s face is next to mine and I am turning to him to look him in the eye. ‘Am I alive? Am I alive?’ I keep repeating. ‘Yes, you’re here, I’m with you,’ he tells me. But I believe that I am dying and I can tell from his face that he does too.”

The trauma Louise faced during her son’s birth caused so much distress for the mum.

She told her supporters that she thought she was going to die during the delivery.

“And I think: at least Ryan is with me. At least I’m not going to die alone,” Louise admitted.

 She was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and lupus following Leo’s birth.