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28th Mar 2024

Paramedic issues warning over hot cross buns ahead of Easter

Jody Coffey


While Easter is usually all about the chocolate eggs, hot cross buns also feature as a treat associated with the holiday

A paramedic has issued a warning to parents ahead of the Easter holidays to avoid giving their children hot cross buns, especially if they’re young.

Nikki Jurcutz, former paramedic and founder of Tiny Hearts Education, says that raisins inside the pastry can be a choking hazard.

In a post on Instagram, Nikki explained that the soft bread used in the buns also ‘tends to soften and stick together’, which can block a child’s airways.

She suggested purchasing buns that do not come with dried fruit and ensuring they are toasted before your child consumes them.

Toasting the buns will make it easier for your little one to eat and swallow.

Marshmallows should also be avoided as their shape, size, and ‘sticky consistency in the mouth’ can block the airway.

Nikki says hot cross buns with raisins and sultanas are safer if your child has their molars and their parent is confident in their swallowing abilities.

As previously stated, chocolate mini eggs – as well as those with nuts – should be avoided at all costs due to the shape and size being a choking hazard.

The mini eggs can also be hard and difficult to chew.

However, a hollow Easter Egg or Easter bunny broken down into smaller bits is a reassuring and safe way for your child to enjoy chocolate this Easter.