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Children's health

14th Mar 2024

‘This budget-friendly soap cleared up my daughter’s eczema in one week’


A mum has found a budget soap that cleared up her little girl’s eczema in no time.

The mum, whose name is Sarah, explained that her 4-year-old daughter Grace has had chronic eczema for her entire life.

The condition worsens during the hot weather, but her mum has found a solution to the painful problem.

She said MooGoo’s Fresh Milk Cleansing Bar has helped her daughter so much.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Sarah said the soap has made a major difference to Sarah’s skin.

“Grace would wake up in the middle of the night itching her skin trying to get any sort of relief.

“She would end up bleeding on her sheets, which was so upsetting to witness as she was helpless.

“I resorted to giving her the odd drop of antihistamine syrup to try and reduce the itching so she could try and get some rest but nothing worked.”

Not only did the soap clear up Grace’s skin, but it also cleared it up in just one week.

“Amazingly, after just one week of using the MooGoo product both day and night, the results were almost too good to be true, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Even during this recent heatwave, Grace’s eczema has remained so much calmer.”

The mum noticed instant improvements after using the soap.