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02nd Feb 2024

Grandparents have hilarious reaction to woman’s pregnancy announcement

Kat O'Connor

The grandparents took quite some time to realise what was going on

These grandparents had the best reaction to their daughter’s pregnancy announcement.

Pregnancy announcements used to be pretty low-key back in the day, but now they tend to go viral within minutes of being online.

They’re more elaborate, but why shouldn’t we mark this special milestone in a big way?

Seeing our families and friends react to our pregnancy news is one of the most exciting parts of this experience.

Capturing their reactions and being able to look back on that memory is emotional, but it’s so nice to have that moment captured forever.

One mum wanted to film her parents reacting to her pregnancy announcement, but it did not go according to plan.

Lee Buona decided to surprise her parents during dinner, but the announcement wasn’t as straightforward as she had hoped.

In the hilarious video, it takes what feels like a lifetime for the grandparents to realise she’s trying to tell them something.

Lee’s son is wearing a sweatshirt that has ‘brother’ on it but her parents fail to notice it for ages.

The pair chat to their grandson during dinner and play with him, oblivious to the fact that he’s going to be a big brother.

Her husband eventually picks their son up and tries to show them the sweatshirt but the grandmother can’t read it because it’s all scrunched up.

They eventually realise what the sweatshirt says and embrace their daughter.

However, it does take her father a second longer to cop on to what is happening.

This pregnancy announcement didn’t work out as hoped but doesn’t that just make it a little more special?

You can watch the hilarious video below: