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22nd Oct 2023

Grandmother’s reaction to daughter’s triplets news goes viral

Kat O'Connor

This grandmother had the best reaction to her daughter’s pregnancy news.

Sharing your pregnancy news with your loved ones is one of the best feelings you’ll ever experience. Keeping the news private for so long can be difficult, but it is always worth the wait.

Revealing such a special secret with your nearest and dearest is a major milestone in your pregnancy. One family recently experienced that joy when they told their loved ones they were expecting triplets.

Rachel and Jordan Flom went viral after posting their pregnancy announcement online and we are not surprised. The grandmother’s reaction is hilarious, but exactly how we’d react if we found out this news.

In the video, Rachel is in the kitchen with her mum. They’re looking at photos of her sonogram on a laptop when her mother realises they’re marked, ‘Baby A’, Baby B’, and ‘Baby C’.

Rachel confirms to her mum that she is not only expecting triplets, but three boys.

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Her mum starts screaming with shock and delight and the look on her face is just incredible.

Rachel’s followers couldn’t get enough of the video, which now has over 13 million views.

“She’s on fire with excitement!!! I love her!!!” one said.

Another added: “The primal scream gets me every time. I bet it got those three boys too.”

A third joked:”She’s screaming because she knows she is going to have to look after them at some stage.”

One triplet-mum then said: “I have identical boy triplets too. They are now 14. When we told my mom she didn’t believe us. She thought my husband was joking. It took her about 10 minutes to actually believe we were telling the truth. My daughter was 10 months old at the time. It’s the best life now!!! I love it so much!!”

This grandmother’s reaction is too funny. We’ll be watching this video on a loop for some time.