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23rd Oct 2023

‘My husband is disappointed because we’re expecting a baby girl’

Kat O'Connor

The dad was pretty disappointed to find out the gender of their fourth child.

Finding out the gender of your child is such an exciting time in your pregnancy, but one dad tainted the moment for his wife.

Taking to Reddit, the mum admitted her husband was disappointed because they were expecting another girl.

The mum explained that they are already parents to three daughters, but are expecting a fourth child.

They recently celebrated their fourth pregnancy with a gender reveal party, but the woman’s husband was disappointed when it was confirmed she was pregnant with a girl.

“We have three little girls under the age of six. I’m pregnant with baby number 4 and we just had our gender reveal party with family today.”

The woman explained that she has never been phased by the gender of her children, but her husband always wanted a son.

“He has really been wanting a son ever since our first child was born. I personally don’t care about gender so If I ever had a son I know I’d be so happy.

“He on the other hand ruined our gender reveal party and he says he isn’t sorry.”

The mum said he threw a plastic knife across the garden and even kicked a table over when they did the gender reveal.

“We counted down and cut the cake and the icing was pink.”

The most heartbreaking moment for the mum was when their other three children asked him if he didn’t like girls.

“He stomped off and told me it was my fault we were having another girl.

“I get people can be disappointed with gender but throwing things and kicking things is too much.”

Fellow Reddit users agreed that the dad’s reaction was completely out of control.

They said he should be happy with having a healthy child because that is what matters most.