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09th May 2024

This hack will make it so much easier to keep your child safe in a crowd


Losing sight of your child in a crowd is a terrifying experience

There are many scary experiences parents face, but losing sight of your child in a crowd is one of the worst of all.

However, one mum has revealed a way to keep your child safe in a crowd and it’s a hack we should all be aware of.

She explained that she lost sight of her 10-year-old son, but found him again a few minutes later (even though it felt like hours).

She discovered he had simply wandered off to look at at some pirate ship ride he wanted to go on.

“However, after finding him again and being so relieved I just sat down and cried while also yelling at him for wandering off (and mentally scolding myself for having let go of his hand for even a second!), I got chatting to these two friendly mums, who, sensing my despair, had come over while I was in a panic looking for him, and who stayed until after he was found, safe and sound, all the time doing their best to help in any way they could.

“Because that’s what mums do, isn’t it?

“Anyway, once my little boy was strapped safely into the stroller I actually had brought with me for the purpose of this not happening, I got chatting a little more calmly to the two ladies, and having chatted about just how quickly this can happen (they were trying to make me feel better, obvs.), one of them shared a tip so genius I actually could not believe I hadn’t heard of it before.

The trick? If you are going somewhere busy with your kids in tow, write your phone number on their arm, then cover it with a liquid bandaid to keep it from rubbing off. If they get lost, someone can simply call you.

The liquid bandaid will keep the writing in place, even in water. And if they get lost or wander off, a friendly grownup can just call you and inform you of your child’s whereabouts.