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Children's health

02nd Nov 2023

Mum issues warning over bandaid after ‘scary experience’ with her one-year-old


A mum has issued a warning online to other parents over the use of bandaids on babies after vaccination.

She said her little one was having their vaccinations and an anaemia test with their usual doctor, and a bandaid was placed over the site of the injections.

One of the plasters was placed on her little one’s finger, and ended up in her mouth on the drive home.

She explained: “Always make sure to watch your baby if they have a band-aid on. I took my freshly minted one year old in for her vaccines and they did the anaemia test since the machine was broken at her nine month appointment.

“I didn’t even think about the band-aid they put on her finger and we drove home. When we got here I went to pull her out and realised it was in her mouth and she was silently choking.”

The worried mum then admitted that she “was very fortunate that we got home when we did and everything is fine, but it was definitely terrifying”.

She went on to say: “I have three kids and I’m going to be honest, I really kind of just forgot to even check if it was still on despite this being one of the things I was so careful about with the other two.

“I find that even with all of this experience I’m still learning or re-learning all of the ways in which they can hurt themselves so I just wanted to spread the word/reminder!”

Lots of fellow parents thanked this woman for her word of warning, with many saying they’ll be extra careful going forward and others admitting the same happened to them and their kids.

One mum responded saying: “Welp new fear unlocked. How terrifying for you..I am glad your baby is safe.”

Another said something similar happened to his baby: “I had a similar thing happen after 9 months shots for my first and I always tell them no bandaids necessary now. Even for me (but that because the adhesive bugs my skin).”

A third said her paediatrician won’t even put plasters on his little patients because of the risk: “I guess this is why my pediatrician doesn’t give my kid bandaids after shots! I’m so sorry you had to go through this, but so glad everyone is okay!”