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Children's health

19th Apr 2024

One mum reminds us why wall-anchoring furniture is so important

Anna Martin

wall anchor furniture climbing toddler

Sometimes as parents, it feels as though our to-do lists are endless

Yet everything on them is there for a reason as one mother learned when a preventable accident nearly happened.

JaNae is an emergency practitioner who says she knows all about preventative measures for parents to keep their children safe.

Yet she has admitted that while she’s an expert in the area, she put off securing her own child’s piece of furniture to the wall and now she’s reminding everyone why it’s so important.

She shared a harrowing video of a toppled-over dresser on her Instagram page that highlighted the dangers of not wall-anchoring furniture.

Credit: Instagram

In the caption, she wrote: “Here’s the thing… I know better. I worked as an EMT, and I have heard the stories of children being pinned, injured or killed by falling furniture.

“I run an emergency preparedness account aimed at helping people but mostly moms prepare their families for accidents, injuries, and disasters.

“I live in earthquake country. The number one way to prepare your house for an earthquake is to secure furniture.

“This exact dresser was recalled for tipping hazards a few years ago. I know all this. I make a living teaching all this but I didn’t do it.”

JaNae continued her honest post, confessing: “My procrastination could have injured or killed my toddler. We are very fortunate that she was able to get out of the way and was only shaken up.

“Other people haven’t been so lucky. Take this as your reminder to secure your furniture, especially if you have climbers for children. Don’t put it off another day.”

She later appeared on Good Morning America to talk about the near accident explaining that it served as a wake-up call for her and her husband who consequently secured every other piece of furniture in their house.