These four bedtime routine hacks will change your life 1 week ago

These four bedtime routine hacks will change your life

Bedtime, while great when parents get to hit the hay, it can be a nightmare trying to get the little ones down.

It seems that the second we even attempt to put them down for the night, tantrums start and it's a never-ending cycle of pleading with a four-year-old.

If there's a trick or a hack to combat this and make our evenings that little bit easier, we take it – and thankfully we have found a few ways to make bedtime a little easier.

Taking turns

Taking turns with your partner makes bedtime fairer, but it also allows someone to be guaranteed a break.

If you are looking after your child in the daytime, then it would be your partner's turn to put them to bed and vice versa.

This allows you to save a bit of energy so you'll be ready to go again the next morning, with your kids also sleeping better as parents are calmer and that energy radiates onto them.

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Lavender spray

We've all probably tried lavender sprays at nighttime to help us sleep better, and whether you think it genuinely works or not, your kids can be convinced.

By spraying this on their pillows every night, they will associate the scent with sleep and it will trigger that feeling over time, making our lives that little bit easier.

If you warn your kids ahead of time that they have a certain amount of time left to play and use that time to set up for bedtime, it will stop any arguments and allow them to get tired out.

Laying out their pajamas, choosing a book, and having their toothbrushes ready can clear up any fights between them and distract them by playing, making things run a bit smoother.

Recap the day to make them sleepy

As you're getting your kids ready for bed, ask them about their day and get into detail about it. It's a win-win as you can get them ready while also having that bonding moment with them

Kids love to talk so if they know this time allows them to do that, they will be more willing to cooperate and get ready and by the time they get into bed, their minds are ready to take a rest and rejuvenate.


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