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13th May 2024

‘My wife refuses to change our baby’s name even though I hate it’

Kat O'Connor

This man’s wife has her heart set on one name but he hates it

A dad-to-be is feeling conflicted after his wife refused to change their child’s name.

We can all agree that choosing a name for your child is pretty difficult but his wife has her heart set on one that is pretty traditional.

However, her husband is not a fan of the name.

He wrote on Reddit:

“We’ve run into a problem with names. My wife always wanted an Emily. She has loved that name for years, while I have always disliked it very strongly. I’m not sure entirely why.

“My wife championed the name the first time we sat and discussed names for our daughter. She was so upset when I said no. She asked me if anything could change my mind and I told her, ‘Honestly, I didn’t think so’.”

He said they tried to compromise but she isn’t a fan of the name Amélie.

“It’s really the only version of these names that I do like. But the pronunciation I and many people around me use (including some French people) sounds so different to Emily/Amelia.

“My wife doesn’t like the spelling and pronunciation issues that would come with Amélie and I understand that.”

The dad explained he doesn’t like the name Emily because it’s too popular, but his wife is adamant about calling their daughter Emily.

“When we discussed it another time, just a few days ago, she told me I was being stubborn and unfair because I told her I just can’t get behind the name Emily for our daughter.

What would you do if you were in his situation?