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Labour + birth

15th Aug 2023

Soon-to-be dad shares list of hospital essentials every birthing partner should have

A soon-to-be dad is being praised online after giving his advice for how to pack your hospital bag as a birthing partner.

In the run up to welcoming a baby, the person who is giving birth will have a bag fully packed of the essentials as recommended by millions of mums and experts online.

However, one man took to TikTok (@alexhobern) to share his concern over the fact that there is very little advice online for what birthing partners should bring with them on the day.

In response to this, Alex made a short video to show other mums and dads what he plans to bring to support his partner.

He started the video by saying: “My baby boy is here in one month. There’s loads of content online of women packing their bags for the hospital as they’re about to give birth.

“Well, there isn’t a load of content to let people know what the birth partner should be having in their bag to help support the person who’s giving birth.”

In the short clip, Alex then broke down exactly what he is taking with him on the big day.

Hospital bag

He said: “What goes in the bag often is preference of the person who is giving birth and you as a birth partner, it’s your job to keep things under control.”

Listing off the bag’s contents, the soon-to-be dad said he is bringing “fairy lights” so that he can make the place “absolutely zen.”

He then added: “I’ve got pillowcases, because the ones at the hospital from my experience are often awful. I’ve got a speaker so I can play the absolute bangers,” he then joked.

“I’ve got a portable charger and an extra long lead because who knows how far the plug is gonna be away from the bed.

“Electrolyte drinks, Millie’s favourite is orange Lucozade. Another thing that is super cool is this [holding up a can of Avene thermal water spray]; it’s basically a sprayable can of cold water – which is gonna help with cooling down.”

He then suggested bringing a handheld fan to use alongside the Avene water spray because “I’m just thinking I could create like a freezing effect.”

He added a “super long” straw to his bag so that during contractions, he can give his partner any drink she wants without her having to move too much.

Other items in the hospital bag included an eye mask, earplugs, things like a spare pairs of boxers, jogging bottoms, pillows from home, the pregnancy pillow, and a small duvet.

Many soon-to-be parents have been praising Alex in the comment section with one woman writing: “Yes to this narrative! Thank you for demonstrating the kind of forethought that should be the standard for birth partners.”

Another person advised that he should bring: “Vaseline! Her lips will get dry and a spare bobble in case hers breaks!”

A third added: “I noticed you used super inclusive language and I just want to thank you!”

Among the hundreds of comments was a student midwife who said: “A stress ball to help distract her during contractions would work a dream.”

Let us know your recommendations from experience, or in the run up to having your first baby.