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22nd Apr 2024

‘The world’s a scary place’ — Mum praised for normalising the use of baby reins

Jody Coffey

baby reins

Once a toddler starts to walk, the workload intensifies for a parent

A toddler’s curiosity, while wonderful, can take them down some scary routes if unsupervised, leading many parents to employ the use of baby reins.

A baby rein is a child harness that acts as a safety device and is worn by children when walking with a parent or carer.

Their use has long been a debate among parents, with many believing that it can stunt a child’s inherent and natural urge to explore and learn about the world around them.

Meanwhile, many parents choose to use baby reins as a means of safety and reassurance to keep their fearless children out of danger.

One parent, however, has received praise and support for normalising their use, a decision she admits that she didn’t come to lightly.

A mum-of-two (@thesimplemum) took to TikTok to share how her views on baby reins changed as soon as she had her children.

“Did I used to judge parents that would put their kids in reins?” Chloe wrote over her TikTok video of her child in a baby rein.

“Hell yeah, they’re humans, not dogs!”

Chloe confessed that her previous views on the safety harness were because she didn’t ‘realise how scary the world was’ before she became a mum.

“And now I don’t care how ridiculous it may look, I’ll do anything to keep them safe,” the mum continued.

@thesimplemum Anything to keep them safe 🤍 #toddlermum #ukmum ♬ original sound – officialworkmemes

After she uploaded the clip, social media users shared their support of Chloe’s decision to use baby reins as a safety measure for her kids.

Many agreed that their toddler’s safety is far more important than the what other people think of their harness.

“If my mum hadn’t put me on reins I’d straight up be dead, I was a first class runner with no sense of danger,” one wrote.

“Omg I’ve literally done this today! I’m so anxious my little girl will get hurt while I’m occupied with my newborn,” another added.

“I had my son in reins and the looks I got. Like, I trust no one around my son, I’d rather get the looks and have him home safe every night,” one parent shared.

“In today’s world it’s a must,” one user stated.