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22nd Apr 2024

Mum admits to using expired breast milk as ‘Botox’ alternative


breast milk

When it comes to our skincare, we’ll try just about anything to achieve results

One mum has taken her quest for youthful skin that little bit further as she admitted to using her expired breast milk as a ‘Botox’ alternative.

Rather than seeing her frozen and unused breast milk go to waste, Skye Hitchcock (@skyehitchcock) took to TikTok to share an unusual skincare hack.

The mum explained that not only does she use the frozen and expired milk on her skin, but also uses it as a remedy for chapped lips.

“This breast milk is expired, which is heartbreaking,” Skye began.

“I’ve been trying to think of ways to use this so it doesn’t go to waste, and I learned you could use breast milk as Botox. So we’re going to give it a go.”

The mum filmed herself opening the frozen pouch of breast milk and proceeding to rub it onto her face.

Despite this being one of the more outlandish skincare hacks, Skye praised the breast milk as a skin-loving product.

“This feels so good. Oh my gosh, you guys if you have breast milk, definitely recommend trying this.  It feels incredible. So good.”

@skyehitchcock apparently breastmilk can be used as botox 👀 what else should I use this expired milk for? #breastfeeding #pumpingmom #momsoftiktok #momhack #botox #trending ♬ original sound – Skye Hitchcock

She also dabbed the milk underneath her eyes as, like all new mums, she is ‘tired’ from her seven-month-old baby continuously waking in the middle of the night.

After Skye finished applying the product to her face, she began smearing it onto her neck before letting her followers know that she would keep them updated on the results to see if they are similar to Botox.

In the comments, many mums also admitted to using their breast milk as a form of skin and body care, with some interesting results.

As well as being a well-regarded skincare alternative, many users suggested that it also has ‘worked wonders’ for sunburn and stretch marks.

One person wrote: “I used to rub my BM [breast milk] on my stretch marks!! Worked wonders.”

“Yes! It always made my skin so much tighter haha my skin has also been sooo much better since doing it even 4.5 years later,” another shared.

“SUNBURN!!! even if expired it will soothe and help sunburns !!” a third wrote.

“I have been using my BM to wash my face. Leave it for 3-5 mins. Just once a day! It works amazing,” one user confessed.

Have you ever tried it? We would love to hear about your experience with it.