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03rd Aug 2023

Audrey Hamilton shares inspiring words for World Breastfeeding Week

Jody Coffey

“It’s not designed to take away your social life or put your world on pause”

Audrey Hamilton has taken to social media in light of World Breastfeeding Week to remind those who are in this phase of their life that your life “doesn’t go on hold while you breastfeed your baby.”

The artist and founder of Audrey Hamilton Art says she has received a lot questions and commentary around breastfeeding her own baby and juggling a social life: “I get asked a lot is ‘how long are you going to feed her yourself for? Do you not want to get your social life back?’ That’s not what BF (breastfeeding) is about.”

Audrey welcomed a baby girl, named Beau, last October with her husband Jack, and has been on her a journey through motherhood since.

Posing beside her best friend in the snap, Georgie Crawford, with a breast-pump on display, she wrote: “I work, I go out, I socialise, I still do all the things that I did before having a baby, the only thing that’s changed, is having a baby, not breast feeding my baby.”

“If it is something you want to do for yourself and your child but the want to continue the things you love also has you torn, this post is to remind you you can do it all,” she encouraged her followers.

Audrey is living proof of these words as she wears multiple hats as an artist, fashion brand founder of Audrey Hamilton Apparel, and as a designer, along with being a mum.

“Here to support ALL mothers and normalise breastfeeding past the age of 6 months in Ireland,” she concluded.

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