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22nd Jul 2023

Breastfeeding mum has perfect response after being told to ‘stop flashing’

Kat O'Connor


“She made a joke about me having no shame”

A breastfeeding mum has been praised for her response to someone who told her to stop flashing. There is still so much stigma attached to breastfeeding, especially when it comes to feeding in public.

Many people still disapprove of parents who breastfeed in public, despite the fact that they are simply just feeding their children.

A mum took to Reddit to reveal how she handled a recent incident where she was shamed for feeding her 11-month-old in a park.

She explained that she was attending a family picnic when an aunt called her out for breastfeeding in public.

“I was at a family picnic the following weekend and got to see my aunt who lives far away and whom I don’t see often. I was sitting next to her catching up when my baby’s dad brought my daughter over saying she wants to nurse.”

The mum unclipped her top and started to nurse her daughter. Her aunt then asked her if she wanted to cover up and joked that she has “no shame”.

“She made a joke about me having no shame which I laughed off, then told me even tho I’m comfortable feeding her without a cover maybe she or the rest of my family isn’t.

“I told her I was more interested in me and my daughter being comfortable for the 10 minutes she would eat.

The mum also said if it bothered her then she was welcome to move.

The aunt then scoffed at her and stopped speaking to the mum.

She then started to complain about her behind her back to other members of the family.

“I heard her complaining to my cousins shortly after. They told me I shouldn’t feel so comfortable “flashing” my family. In nicer words, I told them to f**k off.”

The mum stressed that she is not ashamed of feeding her daughter.

Other mums praised her for being so strong and for standing up to her family members. Many said they wished they could react the same way when they have been shamed for breastfeeding in public.