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23rd Oct 2023

‘Do I tell his parents?’- Mum asks for advice after catching her 12-year-old and his friend smoking


What would you do?

A mum has called on other parents for advice after catching her 12-year-old son and his friend smoking weed.

She explained that she is on the fence about telling his friend’s parents about what she found them up to, but said she knows she would want to be told.

Her post read: “The boys are 12… they were at my mom’s house and my cousin’s son, 16, was there and he got them high.

“They recorded a video of themselves.. thats how i found out.

“I knew this day would probably come, i just didn’t expect it at freakin’ 12.

“I don’t think telling his dad will effect their friendship, but I would feel so awful if it did.

“They’ve been friends since kindergarten despite school changes and moving.

“I know that i would want to be told… but idk what to do.”


Parents very quickly weighed in on the situation and told her what they would do in that position.

One mum wrote: “If another parent kept this from you, how would you react? I know I would not be happy.”

A second said: “At 12, I’d want to know. The 16 year old needs a foot up the a** for distributing drugs to children. That’s a quick way to end up in jail.”

Among the hundreds of responses was another user who wrote: “Yes you absolutely tell the parents! They need to have a very serious conversation with their kid.

“More so, your cousin’s son is not to be left alone with the kids ever again. 16 is old enough to know better than to give drugs to a 12yo. And this comes from someone who smoked a hella lot of weed at 14.”

In an update to enthralled readers, the mum confirmed that she did in fact tell the boy’s dad and he has been dealing with it.

What would you have done in her situation?