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09th Mar 2023

Katherine Ryan responds to backlash over drinking wine while breastfeeding

Kat O'Connor

Do the mum-shamers ever stop?

Katherine Ryan has responded to mum-shamers after they called her out for drinking a glass of wine.

Yes, really…

One follower told her that it is “never okay to drink while breastfeeding.”

The comedian defended her decision to drink in a recent interview with The Sun.

She said she would never do anything to harm her children.

The comedian explained to the publication that the mum-shamers don’t bother her.

She said she will “do whatever I want to do” and won’t let their opinions hurt her.

“I would never put my children at risk and I certainly never drank while I was pregnant because it’s a different thing and blood alcohol is shared with the baby.

“But I think it’s important to open up a conversation about breastfeeding and say that your breast milk is not made from the contents of your stomach and there’s less alcohol in it than there is in a banana.”

The HSE has stated that drinking when breastfeeding should be avoided until they’re 1 month old.

The HSE stated;

“If you choose to drink alcohol when breastfeeding is established, there are steps you can take to avoid passing alcohol to your baby through your milk:

  • Feed your baby before drinking alcohol.
  • Express your breast milk beforehand if you plan to drink more than 2 standard drinks
  • Wait 2 hours after each standard drink before breastfeeding your baby.
  • Drink no more than 11 standard drinks in a week.
  • Spread your drinks over the week.
  • Have at least 2 alcohol-free days per week.

Ryan is a mum to three children. She most recently welcomed a baby girl in December 2022.

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