Stacey Solomon says she feels "absolutely f***ed" most of the time 2 months ago

Stacey Solomon says she feels "absolutely f***ed" most of the time

Stacey Solomon has been praised after telling her followers that she doesn't have it all figured out.

Stacey Solomon says it may look like her life is perfect after she welcomed her baby girl Belle, but she said she feels "absolutely f***ed".

She bravely opened up about how she has been feeling on Instagram. Stacey got honest after one follower asked her how she was managing everything as a mum-of-five.

Stacey told her audience that she doesn't have her s*** together whatsoever.

She reminded her followers that hardly anyone has it all figured out and that's okay.

"Please don't feel like that, you're doing an incredible job."


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"And I know it looks like I've just gone straight back to normal as if I never gave birth - it feels like that.

"But it's only because the whole sleep when she sleeps, make sure you take time to rest and recover, don't do anything too quickly goes all out window when you've got a one-year-old!"


The mum continued, "I just want you to know like, don't ever underestimate the fact that it's incredible this age gap - three, one, and zero."

"I'm so grateful to have three young babies that I can raise together, that will grow up together and I'm honestly so grateful. But I can assure you that 100% of the time I feel absolutely f*****.

She stressed, "You are not alone!"

Stacey gave birth to her baby girl Belle in February. She is Stacey's fifth child.

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